Fall/Winter headlines

It’s been a busy few months. I had a great trip to Scotland, Amsterdam and Turkey in the fall– a trip that lasted over 5 weeks! – and was filled with stories and adventures and meeting and working and performing with wonderful artists and musicians. Ukulele activities made the winter holidays lively with our first grand meet-up on Toronto Island. January saw the start to a recording with pianist Bill Westcott, a trip to New York to revel at Golden Festival in Brooklyn with the wonderful Raya Brass Band and a jaunt to Montreal to record a couple of tunes with Montreal duo Ihtimanska. February has just started and I am looking forward to attending Folk Alliance in Kansas City – my first time at this conference – where I hope to see a few old friends and make some new connections. Turkwaz is gearing up for a busy summer, Zephyr is going to try something new and I’ve been very happy to work with more storytellers in my space.

Yup, lots to talk about….

Over a cup of tea!